Jeraal Hightower

Dark and disheveled drunkard


He has a rusty and ill fashioned chain shirt and a broad sword which is also rusty. The scabbard is a tatty cheap affair.


Jeraal is Darin’s half brother and the black sheep of the family. He left the family as a young man to seek his fortune and wound up as a mercenary in the north. He was gone for at least twelve years. He had always been a sour and selfish man, but he returned changed, as a drunkard down on his luck.

The reappearance coincided with his brother’s return to gather the family and move to Tarle in the west. Jeraal came along and has since made a nuisance of himself embarrassing the family. He does odd jobs for Bergstrom and occasionally manual labour moving or collecting stone for the building projects.

It was one of these days of work that saw him at the old ruined castle when the goblins appeared. He saved one of his fellow workers and killed two goblins, before running away back to town. He has also warned the party to beware the dragon that flies around at night every few weeks keeping an eye on the puny humanoids below.

Jeraal Hightower

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