Rhogar's Notebook

Cultists!! > ?in Tarle? Foul demon tainted fools must be stopped!

Goblins of Graven Forest > South of the Yaeger spur – militant but weak.

Bandits > nothing but a nuisance, a rabble unless they are linked with the thrice damned cultists?

Fenfolk > the swamplands

Orcs > (?)of Orcus Mountains

The Dwarves of Hammerfast > insignificant. Like all Dwarves they will cower underground protecting their precious metals until too late.

The Humans of Tarle > A danger but unsuspecting and easy meat for my Lord when he decides all is ready

Mythlor > barely even in this world, they will flee rather than fight.

When I finally found the Tomb, the idiot chieftan tried to denounce me and the Great Lord. But his followers are cowardly souls and my allies were persuasive. I shall enjoy toying with him and his family while I turn his people to the Great Lord’s plans. He will pay every day for a year and a day for his mistake.

  1. Kobolds to the North: They will become Great Lord Khisanth’s servitors. But they are more heretical fools who will need to be tamed. Not of the true brethren.
  1. Our plans are threatened. A new factor has arisen, three adventurous fools. They cannot damage us directly, but they throw everything off balance. They may tip the scales in favour of one of our enemies. I will destroy them if they dare attack here, as will Lszythik if they come against him… Perhaps they will aid us by weakening the others.

Rhogar's Notebook

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