Pop: ~9,000 Militia: 75

Locris is ruled by a minor Lord. He is a traditional, but generally fair and just ruler. Under his guidance Locris maintains mmany of the qualities that made the Avalonian Empire great.

All races are treated equally, as are women. Whilst in other cities and towns cults & temples of some of the darker Gods may have become tolerated`, if not exactly welcomed, Locris maintains it’s loyalties to the tradition deity of the Avalonians, Bahamut.

As such it has the largest single gathering of Dragonborn in Messinia.

`There are even rumours that some of the more powerful figures in Messinia may have secretly embraced the tenents of these Gods. The Duke of Argosia, for example is rumoured to have alters to Tiamat and Bane in his palace.


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