Laconia Pop: ~15,000 (+10,000 in surrounding countryside) 8,000 citizens (inc women) all human Military: Standing army of 300 (v well trained & equiped) + 100 non-citizen milita across the Duchy.

Located on the Western edge of Messinia, on the large Tarn river some 15 miles before it branches into the delta that escapes into the sea. Uniquely, Laconia is not walled, relying on it’s fearsome military reputation to discourage direct attack.

Despite being located on a prominant river, due to the difficulty navigating the delta, Laconia has never had a strong naval tradition, being content as a major power on land.

Ruled by a dyarchy of two Dukes who are advised by a citizen council.

This strange arrangement dates back to the time of Vi’Toria the Great. When the Duke of the time died without a direct heir, the duchy was balanced on a knife edge ready to plunge into a war of succession as two cousins of the dead Duke vied for his position.

Fearing a war beginning in a major duchy whilst she was desperately trying to hold the kingdom together in the dark times, Vi’Toria stepped in and declared that both would be proclaimed Duke and would rule in partnership. She declared the twin titles would be passed down through the families for ever more.

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