Empire of Avalonia

The Empire of Avalonia is the fifth and most recent Empire the lands have seen since the Gods won control of the World from the Primordials. Founded by Rykard the Smart it comprised the twin Kingdoms of Messinia in the East and Mysia in the West.

The Western Kingdom was lost more than a century ago, when fire was seen in the west and smoke belched into the sky obscuring the sun for a year. A few citizens fled to the east bringing tales of of slaughter, rivers of fire and deadly beasts. It was said that Asmodeus, Prince of Hell, had come forth and made the Kingdom his home.

In more recent times the Eastern Kingdom descended into civil war when Eliza, the last of Rykard’s descendents died childless. The Kingdom has now fractured into city states and Duchies, all vying to control. None strong enough to take it.

It has become a land of intolerance and hardship. In many places non-humans are treated as inferior, or at best mistrusted. Even the dwarves suffer from this treatment a little, despite their once great relationship with mankind.

Empire of Avalonia

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