Into the Wild West

The Adventure Begins

After landing at the docks and unloading the cargo Ungar called Kamu, Corryn and Stephon to onside and settled the wages and fees for the journey. He told them, “You’ll want to check in with Darin at the watch headquarters. he’ll undoubtedly be able to suggest some sort of gainful employment for you all I’m sure. Tell him Ungar recommends you as pretty handy in a tight place!”

The guard at the front desk of the watchhouse did not seem overly impressed with Corryn and seemed delighted to call out Darin Hightower to welcome them to Tarle. Darin took one look at Kamu’s imposing frame and sword and begun laying down the law about what would and wouldn’t be tolerated in Tarle and the surrounding lands.

After a little intimidation on both sides that failed to work Darin (assuming the three were a group of adventurers) offered them a work opportunity. He asked if they would investigate the goblins at the ruined castle and clear them out if possible. It had been uninhabited since he and his companions had cleared it of a small tribe of Troglodytes many years ago. The companions asked to think it over before accepting.

Having been firmly recommended the Dragon’s Claw and warned to stear clear of the Spitting Drake by both Darin and Capatin Strongback they soon found themselves enjoying the fine hospility of Mishann Ogresbane. It was here that the pompous and arrogant Bergstrom found them and offered them a commission to root out and kill the bandits in Graven Forest. He offered a fine bounty of gold per head the trio could return to him.

Corryn and his friends took an instant dislike to him and decided given the local Rangers were unwilling to risk going after the bandits the offer was too good to be true. They decided the ruined castle and its goblins was a more immediate and manageable threat.

The next day they bought extra provisions and equipment, meetign several other inhabitants of the town, including the Halfling Herbalist and the Tiefling Weaponsmith who had been lookig nervous around Mishann in the tavern the night before. They accepted Darin’s offer and set off to hunt goblins.



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