Into the Wild West

The world is a wilderness, full of evil and danger, but there remain points of light and bastions of civilisation… though they are not necessarily the same thing.

The once great Human Empire of Avalonia has fallen on hard times. Its Monarchy is gone and the Western Kingdom of Mysia has been abandoned for over a century. The Eastern Kingdom of Messinia is split into rival city states and Duchies; some almost as dangerous as the wilderness.

But in the West, a new beginning is struggling to form. It is fragile at the moment, and in its infancy, but a few hardy folk are trying to build a land of freedom, tolerance and safety. Into that small point of light in the wilderness the Adventurers are soon to be forced to travel. Fleeing the Duchies for one reason or another.

The town of Tarle and the few settlements around it should provide plenty of opportunity for hunting for treasure, uncovering knowledge and proving their valour.

Into the Wild West

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